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Located in the Little Rock, Arkansas - Craigslist Motorhome is the state's leader in new and used RV sales, service and consumer education. With satellite locations in Florida and Arizona specializing in GMC and Toyota respectively, we are able to serve the entire country both geographically and topically. We have most extensive and exclusive inventory and lineup of quality name brand used and classic motorhomes found on Craigslist.

Motorhome Nomenclature

Motorhomes also known as motor coaches are commonly referred to as RV's and Camper Vans. Motorhomes however by definition are self-propelled recreational vehicles with living quarters and a motor capable of self-propelling the unit.

While the term recreational vehicle (RV) does encompass that of a motorhome it also describes trailers and other types of leisure vehicles that can be either towed or driven. Campervans are smaller units with a focus on mobility and low cost, sometimes without accommodations such as toilets, showers and the ability to move into the living compartment while the vehicle is moving.

Motorhome Names Around The World

Motorhome History & Features

Motorhomes have their roots prior to World War II however they truly burst onto the American automotive and recreational scene in the 1950s surging in popularity during the 60s and 70s carrying on until today. In the beginning the most popular motorhome manufacturers or brands were Dormobile, Paralanian and Westfalia.

Motorhomes and coaches come in wide varieties and configurations however in general they serve as both an automobile and a facility for living. Sleeping accommodations can range from 2 to 8 people with each resting area called a berth, that can be fixed or a covert. Most motorhomes have a kitchen area with basic features such as an oven, grill, hob and sink. Also contained within the sleeping quarters is a washroom with toilet, shower and basin.

Motorhome Classes

Class A Motorhome

Integrated - (Class A)

Class A Integrated motorhomes are built on a specific chassis and range in lengths from 26 ft to 45 feet. Slideouts and convertible living spaces are common with these types of RVs. Mechanical, push buttons and levers are used to drop dining areas and other accommodations.

When the term "Coach" is used it typically refers to higher end class A motorhomes with many amenities such as modern electronics, hydraulic leveling systems, electric awnings, heated ceramic tile floors, dishwashers, trash compactors, automatic sunscreens, GPS units and more. High end Class A motorhomes are also called highliners and can cost up to $600,000 or even millions of dollars.

Class B Motorhome

Campers - (Class B)

Camper van Class B motorhomes are specifically designed vans or van conversion built on a standard van chassis but modified with an elevated roof so the average person can stand up inside. These motorhomes are short at only 17-19 feet in length

These motorhomes are for couples or the single individual with tight accommodations. This however comes with a lower price and better fuel economy. Class B motorhomes are also easier to maneuver and store than larger class motorhomes.

Class C Motorhome

Alcove - (Class C)

Alcove motorhomes are C Class coachbuilt mini-motorhomes that typically have a double berth over the driving cab ("cab-over") and a caravan style body. Lengths can range widely from 22 to 35 feet and typically have similar scaled down accommodations seen in a large full size coach.

The benefit with a Class C motorhome is that they are a good balance of size and economy, with a moderate price range. Another positive is that many classic Class-C motorhomes by Toyota and GMC are still readily available and operable as part of the used motorhome market. Semi-integrated motorhomes are Class C motorhomes without the cab-over berth and a lower profile design.