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Featured below is a brief history of the classic Class A GMC motorhome. Also included are the various years that this RV was made during its short run on the market.

GMC Motorhome History

GMC motorhome was inspired by the front wheel drive vehicles that were launched by other manufacturers prior to the GMC RV. 1972 when rumors began to spread that GM was likely to come up with a motorhome, the news soon became official and the vehicle name was announced.

The GMC Motorhome was initially known as TVS-4, (Travel Streamlined Vehicle). Michael Lathers and the GM Design Center had begun with both interior and exterior designs. Twelve designers in total worked day and night to make sketches of the vehicle before the final form was released. Once the sketches were approved by GM upper management, a 1/4 inch tape was used to create the final sketch in order to make designs for the rear and front side of the vehicle.

The General Motors GMC Truck and Coach Division produced the GMC motorhome from 1973 through 1978. At the time, it was the only motorhome built by a major auto brand. This GMC RV was mainly built to offer people a comfortable ride all throughout thus not simply being a camper but also satisfying the needs of motorhome users.

1973 gmc motorhome

1973 GMC Motorhome

1975 gmc motorhome

1975 GMC Motorhome

1977 gmc motorhome

1977 GMC Motorhome

1974 gmc motorhome

1974 GMC Motorhome

1976 gmc motorhome

1976 GMC Motorhome

1978 gmc motorhome

1978 GMC Motorhome